Monday Jun 03, 2024

Good Disruption: Episode 15 - Autonomous Vehicles

Gen Xers will remember Knight Rider, a television show in the 1980s about a crime fighter who battles bad guys with the help of a technologically advanced Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that drives itself and talks, all powered by artificial intelligence. At that time, the idea of a self-driving car was futuristic; but now 40 years later, some elements of autonomy are available in passenger vehicles as a standard offering. Just how close are we to fully automated vehicles and how will transportation itself change as a result?

Mike and Yael talk with Will Shepherdson, Darden alum (MBA’21) Product Manager at Waymo, and Madhur Behl, an Associate Professor in Computer Science at UVA. Waymo operates autonomous ride-hailing services in Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin. Professor Behl conducts research at the confluence of Machine Learning, Predictive Control, and Artificial Intelligence with applications in Cyber-Physical Systems, Autonomous Systems, Robotics, and Smart Cities.

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Podcast photo image of Waymo vehicle courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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